Our Sites
The websites that data2u own and manage are as varied as their visitors. The details below explain the function, unique facilities and summarise the target audience for each of the data2u website networks.

Yachting and motor boating are expensive hobbies yet are, despite the UK climate, popular pastimes. With over 200 ports around the coast, there is more opportunity to participate than one might expect. Data2u has been able to fulfil a few simple needs of British boat owners, thanks to the varied weather conditions that tend to bless the British Isles. Namely, PortEye.co.uk features localised on-line weather stations and web cams, allowing water sports enthusiasts to check sea conditions before setting foot outside. These on-line data sources are supplemented with other useful port related information such as licensed tide tables, charts, articles and shortly a discussion forum.

Not only can a visitor select the desired port through the PortEye.co.uk homepage, but also typing LittlehamptonPort.co.uk into their browser will, for example, take the visitor straight to the data for, in this instance, Littlehampton.

As advertising space can be sold on a port by port basis, it is possible for the target audience to be very localised and so provide value for money to the advertiser.