Generally, one of the hardest things about placing an advertisement on a website is knowing who the target audience is going to be. Many websites contain very generalised information and trying to attract a certain profile of person is almost impossible. Data2u understands how frustrating this can be and are therefore very specific with the information that is published within the website network.

Advertising opportunities are generally consistent throughout the sites that data2u manage and a summary is provided below. Each site however provides specific "advertise" pages, which include localised costs, and these should be viewed before making any purchasing decisions.

Local Links
Local links are a simple way for people to find a business through the data2u network. A link will be placed in a suitable category on the data2u website home page and if none exists, then a category will be created. If the business does not yet have a website to link to, then a number pages can also be generated as discussed under "Web Page Design" below.

Sponsors of a data2u website have a small banner advert placed in a prime position on the home page. Adverts are displayed in a random order, so any given advert will appear at the top of the page for a proportion of the time. As sponsors, the business name will also appear on any promotional material that is produced by data2u.

Banner Adverts
The large banner advert displayed in the top right hand side of the browser window on any of the data2u websites changes each time a visitor moves to another page or clicks the web cam "Refresh" button. The number of banner adverts is limited, meaning that a given advert will generally appear once during a users visit to the website. The banner's size is also guaranteed to attract the visitor's eye, making it a prime way for businesses to promote brand awareness.

Data2u produce and send out regular newsletters to the growing number of registered users via e-mail. Not only do these mailings contain articles of interest to the subscriber, but also selected links to advertisers. Subtle ways of reaching a specific target audience are therefore also available.

Web Page Design
It cannot be denied that the use of the Internet is growing at an amazing rate with more and more potential customers searching for products and services online. Linking from a data2u website is a sure way to reach this targeted market audience, yet many businesses do not yet have a web presence. Data2u can provide a customised three page website, plus domain name registration, search engine submission and web hosting services for a business' new website.